Get Out Of The Boat |Don’t Settle For Comfortable| Starting My Painting Career

Prophetic painting “Get out of the boat.”

It is funny how God brought an uncomfortable message “Get out of the boat” and “Don’t settle for comfortable” to me in the sweetest way.

This piece is very special to me because it was my first prophetic painting.

Prophetic sounds sketchy and had only heard term prophetic  painting the day before I painted this. 

Sitting in a womens worship gathering and listening to the different prayers covering the different mountains of influence and callings a familiar thought crept into my head… “where do I belong?” 

I have always been somewhat envious of others and there knowing of their calling or their life’s purpose. They seemed so sure and focused on what they were supposed to do with their life. I on the other hand have struggled and searched to find my calling. I have had many different careers and degrees but always came up empty until that night.

Women whose calling was in art or media were asked to stand up at the meeting so that they could be prayed over. I remained seated thinking I would not stand up the entire evening because I do not know what my mountain of influence is or has ever been. Head bowed, praying for the other influencers I had no idea my life was in for a big change.

My friend Ashley, whose calling is ministry, got up from her chair and walked over to me. She knelt beside me and whispered to me a question. “Do you paint?” “I have before.” Was my reply. Ashley continued “I just had a vision of you painting.” 

I kid you not when I say that I started to get a warm feeling in my stomach and heart. A spark had ignited my purpose. Ashley told me about some prophetic art she had seen and what it was and then went back to her seat. Up until this point I had never heard of prophetic art. 

God is such a gentleman. He did not yell at me or grab me, he leaned in close and whispered sweetly. 

The next day I painted this picture. I had no idea of what I was going to paint but the message God gave me at the end was “Get out of the boat.”

I have been staying in the comfort of my boat. I have been isolated from people. I was not able to help anyone including myself. So WOW! The message resonated with me so much! I knew it was from God because I would not say that to myself. My own thinking had kept me stagnant for so long.

This piece was the beginning of a beautiful journey for me. God bought color into my dark world and not only gave me a way to hear Him speak more clearly to me but also gave me a way to have a voice!