Heart Speaks Created From Heart Ache

Words out of our mouths are from the heart sent.

Our words are powerful and weave a hearts blueprint.

Whether passive aggressively muttered,
Or spit out angrily at another.

Words reveal our inner most organ that doesn’t just pump blood.

It pumps hatred
and love.

After an intense battle of words with my husband, I was drained and broken. I didn’t want to talk anymore. I needed space and peace… I needed to paint.

I had no idea what I was painting when I began. I was broken and crying and just needed to put paint on canvas.

Painting has an amazing ability to slow things down, bring out truths and put pieces of my heart back together.

That is exactly what this piece represents and what it did for me.

I had already painted the 24×30 stretched canvas with a teal acrylic paint as the base. The image of the heart and mouth were painted with my favorite medium gouache.

Out of the heart our mouths speak, so what is in our heart?